Do you need some writing help?

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Do you need some writing help? Here’s a clear and plain list of what I can do for you.

When I work or volunteer, I never get asked to sell. Instead, I tend to do things that are literary, organizational or helpful. In high school, I edited the yearbook. At college, I ran the debating club. In “real life,” I’ve been a Big Sister (here I’m referring to the organization – although I’m the other kind of big sister, too), the mother of triplets, and the coordinator of a homeschooling support group.

I’ll happily bake cupcakes for a worthy cause, or even produce a cookbook filled with cupcake recipes. Just please don’t ask me to sell them!

But while I don’t like selling, my business mostly depends on sales.

It’s a conundrum, I know.

That’s why I’m writing today’s post with butterflies in my stomach. Even thinking about sales makes me a bit squeamish but I’m doing it now because of a chat I had with a longtime friend. It turns out she’d thought my writing course and my coaching were the same thing. Yikes! If someone who knows me as well as she does doesn’t understand what I do, I’m worried that others aren’t clear on it either. So I’m writing today with a brief description of all my offerings, including things that are absolutely free. Don’t worry. There won’t be a test on Monday!

Power Writing: It amazes me to realize I’ve been producing a weekly newsletter, at no charge, for subscribers around the world for seven years. I receive dozens of emails from subscribers each week, and I answer them all, but here’s my plea: If you want to comment on my newsletter, please post your comment to my blog. (And if you’re reading this column on my blog, please know that every Tuesday posting also goes out by email at no charge. And if you subscribe you’ll get you a free copy of my booklet on mindmapping.) By the way, I’m not offended if you disagree with me or if you point out any errors. When I worked in a newsroom I spent three years being screamed at by an imposing Scottish editor we nicknamed “McBagpipes” so, trust me, I’ve heard much worse!

My blog: I blog five days a week and the Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday entries are super short. You can follow me using an RSS reader if you like.

8.5 steps to writing faster, better: This is my book, which is designed to give you a system for writing. You could probably figure out my system if you read every column I’ve ever written, but my book will save you a lot of time. If you buy the premium version you’ll not only receive an electronic copy but also a printed one and a bunch of other goodies including a 50-minute audio with me and my booklet on 72 ways to beat writer’s block. At $49 it includes postage, no matter where you live – even Timbuktu (I seem to recall sending one there, once.) The free shipping deal won’t last forever!

Extreme Writing Makeover: This is my course, directed at non-fiction writers, which is delivered by email. Sign up and you’ll get a lesson a week for a year. You can usually read each lesson in less than five minutes. There is self-directed homework (you don’t hand it in to me) but people can typically do it in 30 minutes or less per week. As well, most assignments can be self-adjusted so that you do your own professional work while completing them. If you buy the premium level of the course ($249), you can email me anytime and attend my monthly teleclass which means you can ask me questions in person. If you’re unable to attend the class, you’ll receive a recording by email. (There’s a discount on the premium version if you already own my book. Email me for details.)

Get it Done: This is my premier program in which I coach people to help develop the writing habit. It’s an accountability group and participants are required to report to me once a day (five days a week) telling me how many words they wrote. It works! In the last 10 years, I’ve helped hundreds of writers finish books, wrap up theses and dissertations and feel a lot more comfortable writing. Cost is just $595 for three months.

So, are we all clear about the writing help I offer? Glad to hear it! My regular, supportive, big-sisterish self will return next week.


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