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  • 9 business tool recommendations for writers
    Reading time: About 5 minutes Are you looking for business tool recommendations? Here are nine tried-and-true options that make a big difference to my working …Read More »
  • If not PowerPoint, then what?
    Reading time: less than 3 minutes Many people use PowerPoint as the default tool for writing their speeches and presentations. That’s not always a wise …Read More »
  • Why you need your own pomodoro
    Reading time: Just over 2 minutes The pomodoro technique is a time-management tool used by millions of people around the world. It’s particularly useful for writers and …Read More »
  • 17 Christmas gifts for writers
    Reading time: Less than 5 minutes Are you still struggling with what gifts to buy some writer friends for Christmas? Or, maybe, like me, you …Read More »
  • 26 fantastic no-cost tools for writers
    Reading time: About 4 minutes The price of groceries is rising these days. But that’s not true of everything. The Internet allows us to do …Read More »
  • How the Neosmart helps you write for 700 hours on three AA batteries
    Word count: 575 words Reading time: About 2.5 minutes How can you write if you’re easily distracted by email? Even more challenging, how can you …Read More »
  • Who wants a new style guide for Christmas?
    Word count: 750 words Reading time: About 3 minutes Today I answer a question from a reader who is looking for a new style guide …Read More »
  • A plethora of references to improve your writing
    Reading time: About 3 minutes Do you ever need help finding information? There’s nothing better than exactly the right reference. Here’s a list…. One of …Read More »
  • Welcome to the 12 best blogs of Christmas
    Reading time: About 3 minutes In this, my last column of 2009, I bring you 12 blogs — one for each of the days of …Read More »
  • In praise and honour of Dr. Wicked
    Reading time: Less than 3 minutes Dr. Wicked provides a great no-cost tool for anyone who wants to write faster. Back when I worked in …Read More »
  • Welcome to Dr. Wicked
    Do you ever delay and procrastinate with your writing? Today’s column provides an excellent (and no-cost) online tool for preventing writer’s block.  It’s been snowing where …Read More »
  • How to vacuum your brain
    Reading time: Just over 2 minutes I’m a big fan of a technique called “vacuuming your lungs.” Designed to eliminate breathlessness in people who need …Read More »
  • The Tyra Banks approach to writing
    Reading time: about 2.5 minutes Do you have a supermodel you can consult with? Headline notwithstanding, I don’t mean Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell or even that …Read More »
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