Better editing means better, more successful blogging

Does hitting the “publish” button for your blog post make you unaccountably nervous?

Don’t let fear of mistakes, sloppy writing or even your own modesty stop you from communicating with your readers. Instead, gain confidence by having a professional editor polish your work before it goes public.

A second pair of eyes can evaluate your work objectively. In addition to fixing embarrassing spelling and grammar errors, this neutral third party can also determine whether what you’re saying will make good sense to your readers.

Here’s what an effective blog editor asks:

Incredibly responsive and efficient

The first week I used Daphne as my copy editor, I published one of the most popular blogs, primarily due to her suggestions. Not only is she a great copy editor, but she is a wonderful writing coach, encouraging me to use stories when possible, and is always putting herself in the shoes of my readers, having me better explain concepts. She is incredibly responsive and efficient with her use of time to help me make publishing deadlines. I recommend her highly, without reservation.

Victor Assad, CEO
Victor Assad Strategic Human Resources Consulting

Daphne Gray-Grant

Daphne was a former senior editor at a large metropolitan daily newspaper. As a result, she’s fast. Lightning fast. She and her team can turn around most jobs (as long as they’re less than 1,200 words) within 24 hours.


Daphne operates according to contract, charging a three-hour minimum ($375), and keeps a timer running with every job she takes. Many weekly bloggers find a single contract will last them for as many as a dozen blog entries.

Navigate the waves

When I came to Daphne I had been battered by the seas and was feeling stuck, broken and a little seasick with my writing. Daphne quickly asserted I had the ability to write and provided me with the oars to my boat so I could navigate through the waves. Working with Daphne, I have begun to develop the skills I need, and she also provides me with feedback so I can keep moving forward with my writing. Slowly but surely, I am gaining confidence in my ability to write again.

Roxanne Turner, owner, RBT Coaching

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