When you have to write, do you waste time by staring at the computer screen until beads of blood form on your forehead?

  • Do you have people mad at you (your web designer or, worse, your boss), and projects delayed, because you’re late with the writing you need to do?
  • Is your procrastination about writing making you feel stressed out, pressured or alienating your clients?

Most jobs today require some sort of writing. Perhaps you have to write copy for a website. Or maybe you need to produce sales letters for yourself or clients. Or, possibly, you’re in a corporate job that requires you to write endless and time-consuming reports.

“Writing is difficult,” you think to yourself. “It takes too much of my time and is too stressful. I just can’t do it.”

Or maybe you’re not so much blocked as stymied. You can produce the words, but they’re no good. They’re not interesting or persuasive enough. They don’t sell and they certainly don’t sizzle.

Well, I’m here to tell you there is a better way. Writing doesn’t have to be painful –- it can be faster, better and easier when you know the right steps to follow.

Introducing 8½ Steps to Writing Faster, Better

Using my training as a daily newspaper journalist, I decided to “investigate” the act of writing. I got my hands on all the books, articles and journals — both scholarly and popular — I could find about writing and I devoured them. Not only that but I wrote — hundreds of words every day, so I could test which strategies worked best.

One key principle became clear to me very quickly: writing is not just the act of sitting at your computer waiting for inspiration to strike. It’s a series of steps. What’s more, these steps need to be done in a very specific order.

And when you perform these steps, you take charge. You have a system for writing so that you’re in control — instead of having it control you.

Now I’ve taken that system and packaged it for you, so you can follow exactly the same steps that made writing faster and better for me. My e-book is called 8½ Steps to Writing Faster, Better.

In 8½ Steps to Writing Faster, Better you will learn:

  • Why you should never, ever, ever write an outline to plan your writing (and what you should do instead).
  • Five methods for turning off the voice in your head that says “I’m a crummy writer."
  • How to budget your preparing, writing and self-editing time (the numbers will surprise you).
  • Why walking away from your work is one of the single most important steps in writing.
  • Nine different "ledes" (journalists call the beginning of their stories "ledes") to help grab your readers right from the first word.
  • The exact sentence length you should write for maximum reader appeal.
  • How to “automate” your editing so your computer does half of the work for you.
  • Why you should consider turning off your monitor when you write. (Yes, you read that correctly!)
  • 10 tips for writing a book.

And what’s the deal with the half step? Well, you’ll just have to read the book to find out …


Well written and conversational

Thank you for a writing style that is relaxed and conversational. I felt like we were sitting and chatting instead of me sitting alone reading a book. While reading there were several times I felt like you had been personally watching my struggles over the years and were inside my head.  

Bonnie B. Maney
West Palm Beach, Florida

Thanks for the courage

I bought your 8½ Steps manual a couple of years ago, and it gave me the needed  jump-start to turn out a 120,000-word memoir. I credit you for giving me the courage to begin climbing this steep learning curve towards become an effective writer.

Gerri Almand
Tampa, Florida

The magic of Step 6

I’ve been a keen reader of your weekly tips, blog and 8.5 Steps book. [In completing a recent writing job], I remembered Step 6, “Let it incubate,” and so I reluctantly put the project to one side. That was Friday afternoon. Twelve hours later I’m rather pleased with myself. It isn’t right yet. It starts out fine but it needs revision. I’ll do that on Monday and it should be better. I think I’ve finally understood your book. It has been money well spent.

Peter Cull
Buxton, Derbyshire, UK 

What will you get when you order 8½ Steps to Writing Faster, Better?

Order the BASIC edition and you’ll receive:

The 8½ Steps to Writing Faster, Better e-book.
This 120-page e-book is jam-packed with important, useful information designed to put you in charge of your writing. Learn the steps of the system, see real-life examples, and get inspired as you discover how to make writing fun instead of a dreaded chore. The book, featuring 14 chapters, includes a resources list and a fully hotlinked, searchable index.

Buy the PREMIUM version and you’ll ALSO receive four bonus items:

Bonus #1: Daphne’s dynamite e-booklet 72 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block
Say goodbye to procrastination and hello to productivity when you receive Daphne’s 14-page e-booklet on writer’s block. With tips for dealing with distractions (try putting on a pair of headphones if you want co-workers to leave you alone) and for mind games (set a kitchen timer and have writing “races” with yourself), you’ll receive a wealth of practical ideas you can use immediately. This e-booklet is not sold separately.

daphne trans crop

Bonus #2: The writing faster, better MP3 interview.
Learn more about the 8½ step system when you hear Daphne in this 50-minute interview with Katie Jay. Get valuable reinforcement for the principles outlined in the book as Daphne describes her own experience with writer’s block, how she beat it and how her strategies can help you succeed too. Copy it onto your iPod and listen while you walk or work out. Or, if you commute to work, listen while you’re in the car.


Bonus #3: Your own printed and bound copy of 8½ Steps to Writing Faster, Better
Hate printing out e-books? As a premium buyer you’ll get your very own reference copy of 8½ Steps, professionally printed with a glossy cover and perfect-bound binding. This is the ONLY way to get a printed copy of the book. It’s not available in regular stores or through Amazon.


Bonus #4: 67 Tips for Winning Presentations
In this snappy and easy-to-read PDF, let sales expert Anne Miller — author of Metaphorically Selling — help you learn how to think on your feet, keep your audience riveted, and command the room with style and comfort, consistent with your personality.

And regardless of which version you buy, you get:

Daphne’s 100% turnaround money-back guarantee
If, after getting your purchase, you feel you have not received your money’s worth, simply return the materials to Daphne and you’ll get your money back, no questions asked. This guarantee is valid for one full year from your date of purchase.

8½ Steps to Writing Faster, Better

Regular versionPremium version
8½ Steps to Writing Faster, Better e-book: 14 chapters, 120 pages complete with resources and a fully hotlinked, searchable index.  
Bonus #1: E-booklet 72 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block ($12.95 value) 
Bonus #2: MP3 interview (50 minutes) with Daphne with even more details about writing faster, better. Listen while you drive or walk! ($30 value) 
Bonus #3: Your own printed and perfect-bound copy of 8½ Steps to Writing Faster, Better for your bookshelf and easy desktop reference ($16 value) 
Bonus #4: 67 Tips for Winning Presentations PDF by sales expert Anne Miller ($9.95 value) 
$59 $49*
(Regular version)
$79 $59*
(Premium version)
free-shipping* Prices are charged in US dollars unless you and your computer are based in Canada — in which case you’re charged in Canadian dollars + GST. Product is delivered the same day by email. If you buy the premium version, you will also be sent a copy of the book by Canada Post. Mail goes out every Friday and takes less than a week within Canada and approximately two to four weeks to the US and abroad

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