It's tragic when fear gets in the way of your writing...

Do you suffer from resistance, procrastination, imposter syndrome or perfectionism with your writing?

Do you compare yourself to other authors and worry that they’re so much better than you and that you only come up short? Do you ask yourself “why don’t I know what I’m doing?” Do you usually feel more like a victim than a master? If these feelings describe you, you are battling the ugly monster known as fear. Fear of writing.

If fear is making you feel helpless or putting you into despair, take a deep breath and then consider a provocative comment from the writer Derek Sivers, who wrote: “The most valuable real estate in the world is the graveyard. There lie millions of half-written books, ideas never launched, and talent never developed. Most people die with everything still inside of them.”

Wouldn’t it be tragic if your fear of writing kept you from achieving what you want to do?

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

There are valid reasons why you’re feeling fearful and these reasons can be uncovered and fixed

Even though you know how to string sentences together and put words on the page, your fear of writing comes from a common misunderstanding about how to manage your feelings.

My video program, Banish Your Fear of Writing, will show you how to set up your writing life so that it will WORK for you.

This course consists of 18 videos, filled with practical tips and specific actions you can take right now. Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • 4 ways to END Imposter Syndrome
  • The best time of day for writing, by far
  • 8 ways to stop self-sabotaging yourself
  • A quick breathing practice that will help calm your nerves
  • 11 ways to stop being such a perfectionist

Take a look at a couple of excerpts, at no charge!

Every video is also available in a text version and an audio-only version, so you can listen to it while you’re walking, driving or doing other things.

Daphne’s 100% turnaround money-back guarantee
If, after making your purchase, you feel the course isn’t going to work for you, simply email Daphne within the first six weeks and you’ll get your money back, no questions asked. If you don’t like the book, return it, and this guarantee is valid for one full year from your date of purchase.

What clients are saying

Faster and more confident

I love working with Daphne. I first subscribed to her incredibly helpful newsletter about 10 years ago. When I had the opportunity to work directly with her, I felt like I had access to a rock star! She has excellent suggestions for every writing conundrum I’ve thrown her way. My speed has increased dramatically, which has given me confidence in other areas. I highly recommend her programs!

Melissa Webber
Worthington, Ohio

Daily habits

Tons of writing was required in my business career, but I never wrote a book. It seemed like a bridge too far. Daphne taught me how to make a daily habit of writing, instead of trying to “will my way” into getting started each day. With Daphne’s help, my book manuscript is now complete, and being edited.

Doug Hedlund
Santa Monica, California

Helps me see the positive

As a published author and syndicated columnist, I was looking for a way to improve my writing and build a practice. It’s mind-blowing to me how working with Daphne has not only improved my practice, but changed my life and business for the better. She’s unapologetically supportive and helped me see some positives I overlooked. I recommend anyone serious about writing to work with Daphne.

Michael Santarcangelo

Wake Forest, North Carolina

Keeps me on track

Working with Daphne is reassuring, encouraging and motivating. I know somebody is there to help me keep on track with my objectives, to support and encourage me, no matter my results. Her advice helps me slowly build healthy writing habits by separating the different tasks of writing. As this is a long way to go, her support and reminders are very helpful!

Sophie Bucher Della Torre
Morges, Switzerland

I now write everyday

Daphne is a delight to work with — so easy to contact and such a great resource for information about all aspects of the writing process.  She’s a source of knowledge about the writing experience in every detail — from getting the writing done to editing and publishing.  She has access to articles and podcasts right at her fingertips, and responds to emails immediately. I now write every day and am working on the first draft of my novel.  Thank you, Daphne!  

Paula Terzian
Walnut, Creek, California

Best investment

Within a couple of months of working with Daphne, I knew that she was more than just a writing coach. Under her guidance, I began writing more effectively, developed good writing habits and learned to write more meaningfully. This worked wonders for my writing. Daphne is affable, knowledgeable and dependable. Her program was one of the best investments for my self-improvement journey.

George Stroubakis
Waterloo, Ontario

Learn to Banish Your Fear of Writing


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