Feeling the agony of every word?

Spending endless hours on basic drafts?

Losing faith that you’ll ever complete your writing project?

Discover the BREAKTHROUGH that will transform your frustration into unstoppable writing

Are you tired of staring at a blank screen until beads of blood start to form on your forehead?

Perhaps you’re a corporate writer and your boss is expecting an important report from you by 3 pm. But it’s already 1:30 and you’re starting to feel doomed….

Or, maybe you’re a self-employed freelancer struggling with writing efficiency. You sweat and anguish over every word, knowing you’re barely earning minimum wage on some of the pieces you write…

Or you’re a grad student, anguishing over every semi-colon in your dissertation. You trudge to the library with your laptop every day. But this damn dissertation is taking years off of your life.

Or you’re a book author who’s dying of embarrassment because you haven’t been able to get beyond page 3 of your imagined 259-page book.

Sure, you could brute force your way through the writing. Or try to talk your way out of all of these situations. Or you could just give up.

But wouldn’t it make more sense to  actually solve the root cause of the problem?  

That’s precisely what my Extreme Writing Makeover self-study program will help you do.

Get published!

I want to share some good news with you: an article of mine has been published on a blog! I would never have been able to finish this piece so efficiently without your Extreme Writing Makeover.

Sophie Liu

Write more easily — without pain, procrastination and writer’s block

Extreme Writing Makeover is a home study program, designed to help you fall in love with writing and editing — whether for the first time, or all over again.

You’ll get 52 focused lessons that will help you write more easily — without pain, procrastination and writer’s block. By the end of the program you will be a much more productive and efficient writer and editor who produces better work more predictably.

You can go through the program at your own pace. Tackle one per week and you’ll have enough to keep you busy for a year! But you’re raring to move quickly you can do that as well. You have the flexibility to pursue the course as fast or as slowly as you like.

And you don’t have to travel anywhere. You’ll take this course from the comfort of your own computer.

What’s your commitment? You’ll be able to read each lesson in four minutes or fewer. Warning: There will be homework! But it’s just for your own eyes — you don’t need to submit it and it won’t be marked. Homework can be done in less than an hour (sometimes significantly less time -– this is all about working quickly!) The purpose is to help you really understand the lesson. There’s also a monthly Zoom meeting (10 times per year), giving you the chance to speak with me and meet others in the group as well.

Why work with me? As the former features editor at a metropolitan daily, I have lots of experience coaching writers. What’s more, I suffered from my own terrible case of writer’s block when I was younger, and I lived through the pain you are feeling now. I’m also the author of two books: 8½ Steps to Writing Faster, Better, and I run a special accountability group with 50 writers from around the world. In fact, I’ve worked with thousands of writers over the 45 years and I can help you, too.

What kind of results can you expect? People who work with me can double their writing speed. And some do significantly better than that! Suddenly, you’ll have a system for writing that puts you in control — instead of having it control you.

How the Course Is Structured

The course is divided into three main segments:

Preparation – 18 weeks

Writing – 16 weeks

Editing – 18 weeks

You’ll notice I devote more time to preparation and editing than I do to writing. This reflects my core belief that many people spend too much of their lives staring at blank computer screens. I’ll help you banish that bad habit!

What You’ll Walk Away With

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a principles-based course that will work for all types of writing. That said, I’m not a fiction writer so I won’t go into any details about plot, dialogue and characterization. For that type of advice, you’ll need to find a fiction expert. However, many fiction writers find my advice useful. Just as classical musicians can learn from jazz players (and vice versa) so, too, fiction writers can frequently learn useful techniques from non-fiction writers.

Every writer is different so I can’t predict exactly how long the course will take you. I can tell you three things, however:

  1. I structure the homework so you can fulfill much of it by doing your existing, work-related writing.
  2. If you want to SAVE time, learn how to write faster! This course will teach you how to do that.
  3. If you are motivated to improve your writing, you won’t find the work a burden.
My number 1 goal is to teach people to write easily — without pain, procrastination and writer’s block. You should expect to become more productive and efficient. You should also learn how to improve your writing with careful self-editing.
When I picked the date and time for our group coaching (the first Tuesday of every month at 2 pm Eastern), I was aware that it would be impossible to accommodate everybody. For this reason, I record the calls and make them available to you so you can listen to them anytime you like. You are also welcome to email your questions to me, anytime, and I will answer them during the call and/or by email directly back to you.
Good idea to ask your employer for support! Many are enthusiastic about helping their employees beat writer’s block. If you need a receipt, please just email me.
The course is set up so you can start ANYTIME. You’ll receive access to your first lesson immediately, upon signing up.
You can start any time you like! The software allows you to choose when YOU want to do the lessons.
Yes, I encourage PR and corporate communications departments to consider this as an affordable way to train staff. I provide a 10% discount to groups of 10 or more. I’m also willing to change the one-on-one sessions to group ones (and tailor them to your specific needs) if that better suits your office. Writing groups are also welcome to consider this option.

Truly enjoyable

Thanks for a year of encouragement and excellent advice in writing. Truly enjoyable course and well executed. 

Joshua Tarbutton, PhD
Charlotte, North Carolina

Constant guidance

I can’t begin to thank you enough for your constant guidance; I look forward to your missives every week. 

Judith F. Minkove
Editor & senior writer
Johns Hopkins Medicine,
Baltimore, Maryland

Daphne’s 100% money-back guarantee

If, after making your purchase, you feel the course isn’t going to work for you, simply email Daphne within the first six weeks and you’ll get your money back, no questions asked.

Experience an Extreme Writing Makeover


Here’s what you get:

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What students are saying

Great investment

Your course has been a great investment. I like the brief weekly lessons. And, even the lessons that address tools I’ve used for years, such as mindmapping, offer a new idea or two.  

Ruth Wahtera
Hudson Valley, New York

Really making a difference

I want to thank you for introducing me to mindmapping. I am hooked. I am in the middle of a two-month consulting project and got to present my work-to-date to company leadership yesterday.  My mind maps were a home run and I looked like a genius! This course is fantastic and you really are making a difference for me!  

Debbie Frederick
Gainesville, Florida

Refreshed and hopeful

When I registered to take your writing makeover. I had left my full-time job to explore other options. I love your approach to writing and it’s making a fantastic positive difference in my life! I’m feeling refreshed and hopeful about all of my projects and life in general.  

Dorlene Russell
Campbell, California

Better, faster writer

I can’t tell you how much your writing course has helped me be a better, faster writer. You’ve got a gem of a course. Lessons are easily digested and practical. Now, if only my son would follow the writing advice I’ve tried to pass on to him!  

Jan Caster
Syracuse, New York
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