Figurative language

I know I risk sounding like an English teacher when I use the words “figurative language.” The phrase may sound frightening but figurative language will make your writing more interesting evocative and memorable. And who doesn’t want that –even in non-fiction? Here are some examples of figurative language:

• allusion
• hyperbole
• metaphor
• oxymoron
• personification
• paradox
• simile

I read widely and follow many forms of media, keeping my eyes and ears attuned to figurative language so I can share a piece of it with you each week.

About Canada Day

I am not writing a regular blog post today as it is Canada Day, marking the country’s 154th birthday. That said, Canada has many reparations to make to the Indigenous people who lived here first, for countless generations. I was recently deeply saddened to learn of the 215 Indigenous children …

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