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Power Writing began as a weekly newsletter in April 2006. Its purpose? To give tips and advice about writing, to tell stories in an interesting way and to help corporate writers (and others) work faster, better. This newsletter is still distributed by email to thousands of readers around the world every week and, since March 2012, has formed the Tuesday entry of my blog.

You can read many Power Writing entries here – I back-entered all columns until the beginning of 2009, and a handful of ones that were earlier than that. But I hope you’ll consider subscribing, too. Just enter your name and email in the box directly under my photo on any page of my website. If you do that you’ll not only receive Power Writing by email each week, you’ll also automatically get a free copy of my booklet on mindmapping.

reducing writing shame

How to reduce writing shame

Reading time: Just over 3 minutes Reducing writing shame should be one of your goals if you ever suffer from this supremely uncomfortable and unhelpful emotion…. Are you proud of your ability to write? Or do you secretly feel embarrassed, worried or even ashamed about it? I ask these questions …

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Why you should be a copycat

Reading time: Less than 3 minutes Being called a copycat is generally an insult. Instead, I think it’s a valuable tool for writers to try… If you were ever able to sneak into my home office around 6 am on a weekday morning, you just might find me hunched over my computer, …

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buyer beware

Why you get what you pay for

Reading time: Just over 3 minutes  Do you understand how many of the blogs you read and the podcasts you hear earn their money through advertising and sponsorships? In the world of the internet, it’s a case of buyer beware… How do you feel about advertising on the internet? And …

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why you should dictate

Why you should dictate rather than write by hand

Back in the era of Mad Men, secretaries went into the offices of people like Don Draper (photo above) and took shorthand while he dictated. Now, however, you don’t need a secretary to be able to dictate…

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