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Power Writing began as a weekly newsletter in April 2006. Its purpose? To give tips and advice about writing, to tell stories in an interesting way and to help corporate writers (and others) work faster, better. This newsletter is still distributed by email to thousands of readers around the world every week and, since March 2012, has formed the Tuesday entry of my blog.

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Is it worth paying for ProWritingAid? (And is it better than Grammarly?)

Reading time: About 4 minutes Can an electronic editor like ProWritingAid help you improve your writing? Here are my thoughts after having tested the system for about a year….  When I wrote about the grammar-checking software Grammarly 18 months ago, my post generated huge reader response (some 173 comments online) …

Is it worth paying for ProWritingAid? (And is it better than Grammarly?)Read More »

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