Is proofreading too expensive?

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Proofreading seems like an unnecessary expense, until you have a large, embarrassing typo…

I bear no ill-will towards the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. The conductor, whom I’ve run into at my dry cleaning establishment, is a charming man and the orchestra is highly skilled.

But I bet eyes are rolling (or perhaps even heads) in the PR department today. Someone didn’t proofread their latest poster very carefully and the URL for their website is rendered incorrectly, missing a letter S. As you can see in the photo above, it says “” instead of”.

Why didn’t the symphony hire a professional proofreader? I know some people think such a cost is too much — too expensive. But what of the cost of the poster, now spoiled by the error? I’m guessing the poster cost well over $500 to produce and perhaps a lot more. A professional proofreader could have reviewed this work at a cost of less than $50. And what a load of embarrassment that would have prevented.

I’ll be interested to see how the orchestra fixes the error. Will they do an entirely new poster or will they simply to try fix the mistake with a tape job at the bottom? I’m guessing the latter but I’ll let you know.

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