Meet Grammar Girl Mignon Fogarty

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This is my weekly installment of “writing about writing,” in which I scan the world to find websites, books and articles to help writers. Today I introduce you to grammar girl Mignon Fogarty.

I remember almost meeting Mignon Fogarty at a series of conferences last year. We were both speaking: I was slotted for a mid-morning talk, she had the late afternoon slot. Sadly, though we appeared at the same conference on the same day in three cities, our paths never crossed. If her name is unfamiliar with you, perhaps you will recognize her as Grammar Girl. (I’m showing her picture rather than her more famous caricature so you can see what she really looks like.)

If you don’t know her either by name or nom de plume get yourself over to her website ASAP. Here is what I like about her:

  • She’s well over 40 and still proudly calls herself Grammar Girl
  • She started grammar by podcast (counterintuitive or what?) in July 2006 and regularly gets more than 600,000 downloads per month 
  • She’s appeared on Oprah to talk about grammar
  • She provides great “quick and dirty” grammar shortcuts such as this one on who vs. whom

I’m a writer but I don’t consider myself an expert on grammar. (I just have a good ear and had articulate, well educated parents.) Furthermore, I have no idea how to make grammar fun. Grammar Girl does. Today, she represents my website of the week.

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