The good wife has a helmet of hair

Word count: 209 words

Reading time: less than 1 minute

A great way to improve your writing skills is to emulate the work of others. Here is a sentence I read recently that I’d happily imitate. It’s about the TV show The Good Wife.

I always like a good legal procedural and the one I enjoy most right now is The Good Wife. Terrific acting is balanced by well-written scripts with a healthy dollop of current affairs. When Emily Nussbaum wrote a piece about the show in a recent New Yorker, I savoured the article like a cat lapping up a bowl of double-fat cream.

I also found my sentence of the week.

With her helmet of hair and black-slash eyebrows, Julianna Margulies’s Florrick was a mysterious figure, gifted at hiding motives, even from herself.

I really liked the adjectives: “helmet” to modify hair (isn’t that perfect?) and “black-slash” to describe eyebrows (equally apt.) I also appreciated the clever play-on-words relating to hiding. Reading good writing about television is a rare pleasure. So much of TV is a wasteland. The occasional good program is made all the better when it receives intelligent commentary.

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