Does your focus need a booster?

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Need help? Here I tell you about a piece of technology or software for writers.

Every month I host a phone call for members of my Extreme Writing Makeover course. I LOVE this part of my job — it’s so much fun talking with people who are committed to writing and who want to do it better, faster.

Best of all, I get to learn new things, too. Today we were talking about how to write without being distracted by editing (which should be done AFTER the writing is finished. I just don’t want you to get the idea I’m promoting NOT doing editing!) I mentioned to the group a motivational tool I’ve written about here, Action Enforcer, which is terrific. But sadly, it’s available only to Mac users.

That’s when a helpful caller mentioned an application that also works on PCs called Focus Booster. As soon as I got off the phone, I looked it up. Designed especially for pomodoro fans it times writers (or others) in 25-minute increments, and provides the tick-tocking sound I find so valuable. It’s also free.

So, now you have no excuses! Get yourself an application that will time your writing. And, hey, write!

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