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Want to play a part in my next book? Consider joining my book launch team! Details below…

My next book, Your Happy First Draft, is going to the printer this month. Yahoo!

Even though I’m by nature a died-in-the wool awfulizer, I cannot believe how long the final stages — creating the index, catching last-minute errors, dealing with final design issues — has taken. (A few minutes ago, I caught a mistake on the Table of Contents page. Argh!) But I’m looking forward to the day when I’ll have boxes of fresh new books stacked up in my office and ready to go out to you, my readers.

I’ve also done something new with this book. As an added bonus for those who buy the premium edition, I’ve created a series of videos. I got the idea from my YouTube channel with its weekly Write Question video. I’ve learned that many people LOVE this medium so I’ve recorded one video per chapter, to highlight the main points of that chapter and to provide a different entry point for the information.

Now, I’m preparing for my launch date in September and I’m wondering if you’d like to be part of my street team, also known as a launch team. This group of people will help ensure the success of the book.

If you’d like to participate, here’s what’s involved:

What you’ll need to do:

  • Read the book in the next three weeks. (I’ll provide you with an electronic copy at no charge.)
  • Send me a photo of yourself.
  • Write an honest and brief review (no more than a paragraph or about 75 to 125 words) and send it to me as quickly as possible and by no later than Sept. 6. You’re under no obligation to like the book, of course, and I’m secure enough to be able to accept criticism graciously!
  • Share word of the launch through your social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Share other promotional ideas within the launch group.

Please don’t put your hand up for the group unless you’re able to undertake ALL five of these actions within the time frame given!

What I’ll do for you:

  • You’ll receive a free (electronic) copy of the book and the videos before anyone else.
  • You’ll be connected with a group of people who are also interested in writing and self-publishing.
  • You’ll receive (optional) suggested text for social media postings so that, if you choose, it’ll be really easy for you to take care of the social media responsibility.
  • You’ll be invited to attend at least two free webinars, one of which will be an “ask me anything” event in which I will answer any of your questions about writing or self-publishing.
  • Finally, a free one-hour one-on-one coaching session will go to the person who, in my judgement, either does the most work or comes up with the most creative suggestions for promoting my book.

This group needs to be limited to 25 people and I’m going to choose based on a modified random draw. (I’ll draw based on residency as I need to ensure that most of the participants come from the US, home to the majority of my sales, but I will also earmark a number of spots for Canadians and other internationals.)

To enter the draw, please email me by no later than this Friday (Aug. 16), as follows:

Put your name, mailing address and country in the body of the email. Please also list your social media accounts. Be sure to include the words “book launch team” in the message header.

I’m looking forward to hearing from those of you who are interested. Everyone who’s selected will receive a welcome email from me this coming weekend, and your name will be published in next week’s newsletter.

Even if you’re not part of the launch team, you’re welcome to spread the word, too. With your help, more people around the world will be able to enjoy the benefits of a happy first draft.


Do you want to write your own book? (Or thesis or dissertation?) Consider applying to my Get It Done program. I’m holding a no-charge webinar this Friday (Aug. 16/19) to introduce you to the principles I teach in the program. Join by emailing me. To learn more about the program,  go here and if you want to apply, scroll to the very end of the page and select the bright green “click here to apply now” button.


My video podcast last week aimed to help you take better notes when reading.  Or, see the transcript, and consider subscribing to my YouTube channel. If you have a question about writing you’d like me to address, be sure to send it to me by email,  Twitter or Skype and I’ll try to answer it in the podcast.


Do you have any ideas for how I can promote my book? We can all learn from each other so, please, share your thoughts with my readers and me in the “comments” section below. Anyone who comments on today’s post (or any others) by Aug. 31/19 will be put in a draw for a copy of my book, 8 1/2 Steps to Writing Faster, Better.  Please, scroll down to the comments, directly underneath the “related posts” links, below. Note that you don’t have to join Disqus to post. See here to learn how to post as a guest. It’s easy!

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