How WordPress can help your business

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If you’re looking to build a new website, here’s a radical idea: build a blog, instead. Even if you don’t want to blog!  Here’s why….

Does your company or organization require a new website?

Here’s why you should think about a WordPress blog instead.

1) Blogs can look just like websites. This very site is actually a WordPress blog. Yes, it has what appears to be a traditional blog inside it. But in fact, the whole darn thing is a blog. It’s just been coded so it doesn’t look like it.

2) Blogs are far easier for regular people (i.e.: not graphic designers) to update. The back end of a WordPress blog is exceptionally easy to use. You can learn how it operates in a training session of 30 minutes or less. In fact, so much — creating boldface, italics and hotlinks, for example — is so intuitive that you can probably guess at how to do it. Owners of traditional websites always groan when they discover typos or need to change copy. They know this means they have to find a web designer who uses Dreamweaver (or another equally complex piece of software) to fix the mistake. In WordPress you can fix mistakes or add new copy yourself. Quickly. Easily.

3) A blog is likely less expensive than a traditional website. Of course, this depends on how complicated you want your website to be. But if your taste and needs are relatively straightforward, you can likely hire a graphic artist and a web developer who can produce it for you, in WordPress, for less money. If your taste and needs are incredibly simple, you can even do it yourself by going directly to WordPress.

4) A blog gives you the opportunity for interactivity. Enable comments and your clients or customers will be able to tell YOU what they think about your products or services. I know this kind of feedback might sound scary but, in fact, it will not only allow you to respond better to your customers, it will also help you collect new information and ideas. This could give you an important critical edge — especially if you’re operating in a particularly competitive sector.

By the way, I collect no money from WordPress and sell no services related to them. I’m just a very satisfied user.

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