Why you should be walking more

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This is my weekly installment of “writing about writing,” in which I scan the world to find websites, books and articles to help other writers. Today I discuss an article on walking that appeared on the CTV News website…

Quick question: How often do you find yourself sitting at your desk and staring vacantly into space. If you do this regularly, you’re making a mistake.

Whether you’re trying to write, solve a tricky problem or be creative, your best bet is to go for a walk.

In a study published by the American Psychological Association’s Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition, researches found that walkers were more creative than non-walkers. 

Here’s what the CTV story on it had to say:

While the authors say more research is necessary, one thing is clear: “Incorporating physical activity into our lives is not only beneficial for our hearts but our brains as well. This research suggests an easy and productive way to weave it into certain work activities,” said study co-author Marily Oppezzo, PhD, now of Santa Clara University.

I long been a proponent of walking (see point two on this list, or my essay on time, here) and I’m always glad to hear other people extolling its virtues. Walking is fun. It’s good for your body. And it helps your creativity. C’mon. Get walking!

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