The Kindle is dead, long live the Kindle!

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My Kindle died last week. Inconveniently, this occurred while I was out of town, on holiday and, thus, in read-like-a-maniac mode. (I usually try to finish a book a day while on holiday although am sometimes slowed down when I attack a particularly long tome, such as the 656-page Steve Jobs bio.)

When I called Kindle customer support I did not get the sharpest knife in the drawer. My rep was deferential and placating but not very bright. I told him the the little light indicating the Kindle was charging did not turn on when I plugged the device into the charger. “Try charging it for 24 hours and then I’ll call you back,” he said, unhelpfully. When I reminded him that my reason for calling was precisely because the device would NOT charge, he made me try for an hour.

Fortunately, after 60 minutes of purgatory, he called me back and then offered to send me a replacement for free. Because my device was “outside” of warranty (ie: more than a year old) he warned me he had to charge me for it on my credit card but then would immediately reverse the charges. This seemed a bit sketchy to me, but my refund has already been issued.

And now, less than two days later, I hold a brand new Kindle in my hands. Surely the most amazing aspect of this is that they managed to get it across the Canadian border in such record time. (I’m expecting a shake-down from the RCMP at any moment!)

I’m not sure I understand how Kindle’s business plan works. Am I guaranteed a fully functioning Kindle in perpetuity? Surely not! But I’m not complaining. The Kindle may not have a colour screen (unless you’re willing to pay a premium for the Fire model) but it’s significantly lighter weight than the iPad and far easier to read in sunlight.

Call me a fan.

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