Take this Shovebox and use it!

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Every week, I tell you about a book or a piece of technology for writers. Today I focus on a terrific organizational tool, Shovebox…

Do you have a junk drawer anywhere in your house? You know what I mean — it’s the place where you put stuff  when you don’t have an immediate use for it, but you’re not ready to throw it out, either.

I not only have a junk drawer in my house; I also have one on my computer. It’s called Shovebox. And it’s better than a junk drawer because it even allows for easy organization. (Think of it as a junk drawer with dividers and containers!) The only “bad” news about ShoveBox is for PC users. You need to have either a Mac or an iPhone to be able to run it. I keep mine on my desktop and I find it a really handy place for storing things such as:

  • titles of books I want to read
  • URLs for websites I want to check out later
  • bits and pieces of information that other people give me
It’s easy to use and inexpensive: $24.95 But use the 30-day trial first. And, no, I’m not an affiliate.
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