Why you should copy others

Reading time: Just over 1 minute Not all copying is dishonest and a bad idea (as in the photograph, above). If you do it right, the value of copying can be enormous… When I edited a cookbook more than three decades ago — my first entry into the professional book

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Ebola song is real…

Reading time: About 1 minute If you were asked to come up with a creative way of communicating about a deadly virus would the idea of an ebola song ever have occurred to you?  The hottest pop song in Liberia right now goes by the title “Ebola is Real.” Not surprising, perhaps, given

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The surprise value in collaborating as writers

Reading time: Less than 3 minutes When I say there’s value in writers collaborating I DON’T mean “writing together” as Google suggests. I’m referring to a more generic type of collaborating — more like helping and supporting each other.  My kids inducted me into the Nerdfighters club, curated and executed by best-selling

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