Finding intellectual nourishment from food writers

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Each week I scan the Internet to identify websites of particular interest to writers.

I’ve told you before that when I’m asked to name my hobbies, I always include reading and cooking. And it seems there are a lot of other writers just like me. I’m not sure I quite get the link between words and eating — relentlessly yoked as salt and pepper. Perhaps it has something to do with a search for intellectual nourishment? In any case, if you’re a writer looking for a food blog to read, I have a really interesting one for you: Ant and Anise.

The name is a play on words. The Ant is really an aunt (named Eve Johnson) and the Anise is really a niece (named Kris Neely).

Lately, the blog has featured a thoughtful series on the Paleo diet and I hear rumours the duo is going to be addressing blackberries soon. Yum! Both Eve and Kris are skillful food writers who clearly know their way around a kitchen. I’m not on a Paleo diet but I’m going to be trying the Eggplant Flatbread soon. It sounds delicious!

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