Say goodbye to Google as your RSS reader

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Here is some important information for people who follow my blog using an RSS reader.

Normally, I give you my “word-of-the-week” on Wednesdays. Today, however, is an urgent note for anyone who reads my blog using an RSS reader.

As you may know, Google Reader is closing up shop as of July 1. This will not affect you if you read my blog, casually, on the Internet. Or if you subscribe by email to my weekly Tuesday post, Power Writing. But if you’ve been using an RSS reader (and several hundred of you fit into that category) then you’ll need to get a new RSS supplier by the end of this week. Time is running out!!

I recommend Feedly, which is the RSS reader I’ve switched to. Here’s a link to how to set it up.

Writers love deadlines but in case you run into any difficulties, I don’t suggest you leave this to the very last moment. Instead, make the switch right now. Then you won’t have any problems when Google Reader switches off the lights next Monday.

If you’re not familiar with RSS readers, and if you read a lot of blogs, I urge you to set up an account with Feedly (or, one of the other alternatives.) Think of an RSS reader as a clipping service. It takes snapshots of all the blogs you read and then saves them for you until you have time to go through them. I find it makes reading blogs a very efficient activity.

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