Trying to find a quiet place to write?

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Do you have difficulty finding a quiet place to write? My friend Casey Hibbard has a great tip for you.

I never thought I’d ever endorse anything to do with guns (most urban Canadians abhor guns). Particularly not for writing! But my friend Casey Hibbard has caused me to see the light. I have two words for you: gun mufflers.

You’ve probably seen them on TV shows like, Bones, NCIS, and the Mentalist but the best term to describe them is ear-protectors. Writes Casey: “People often ask how I work from home with husband, baby, nanny, dog, and the cat that never stops crying. Today I reveal the truth: gun mufflers block out all the noise.”

I slapped myself across the head when I saw her Facebook post on the subject. Why didn’t I think of that? When my kids were little I’d bought myself a really expensive pair of Bose noise-cancelling headphones. They’re terrific for listening to audios. Fantastic on an airplane for eliminating the dull but incredibly aggravating roar of the engine. But when it comes to cancelling out the human voice (particularly  a crying baby or a whining toddler) they’re essentially useless. Useless, I tell you!

Not only that, gun mufflers are cheap I checked them out on Amazon found out you can get a pair for about $20. Now that’s a steal of a deal. And no guns required! Thanks for the great tip, Casey. This would make a great Christmas gift for you or any other writers in your life.

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