What’s holding you back? Quick survey on writing hurdles

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You could win a prize for filling in a quick survey about your writing habits and hurdles. Just four questions that will take you only a couple of minutes…

I’m turning the tables today.

Instead of my regular newsletter, I’m providing a quick survey and asking YOU to tell me about yourself. 


I want to make sure I know you better. What type of writing do you usually do? What are your biggest challenges?

Knowing your answers to these questions will help me give you better, more meaningful topics in each week’s newsletter.

As well, I’ve started to produce new material in recent years – my How to Hire an Editor and Banish Your Fear of Writing courses — and I want to make sure that any future content really and truly meets your needs.

So, this very quick and easy survey — it contains only four questions — will take you no more than a couple of minutes. I’m asking you to consider filling it out today. 

In fact, to provide extra encouragement, I’ll be offering a prize. All survey participants will be put into a draw and a person chosen at random will receive a copy of my book Your Happy First Draft, OR free membership in my course Banish Your Fear of Writing. (Your choice.)

Here’s the link for entering. Please fill it out today.

Thanks so much for your help in making Power Writing a better, more useful newsletter. 


My video podcast last week described how to promote a book without social media. Go here to see the video or read the transcript, and you can also subscribe to my YouTube channel.  


Have you ever been paralyzed by fear of writing? Don’t let this nasty psychological barrier make your life miserable or cost you missed income. I’ve developed a series of 18 videos (with audio and text versions) for just $95 that will help you banish the fear. Plus, you’ll get membership to an online group of others facing the same challenge. Have a look at the program here


Please fill out my quick survey. We can all learn from each other and your answers will help shape the future of this blog post. And if you have any additional thoughts, please share them with my readers and me in the “comments” section below. Anyone who comments on today’s post (or any others) by June 30/23 will be put in a draw for a digital copy of my first book, 8 1/2 Steps to Writing Faster, Better. To enter, please scroll down to the comments, directly underneath the “related posts” links, below. Note that you don’t have to join Disqus to post. See here to learn how to post as a guest. It’s easy! 

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