Why you should pop this app in your pocket

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I’m a demon for efficiency and I love it when technology helps me work better, faster. Here’s a redesigned app you might want to put in your pocket…

I consider myself a bantam or lightweight nerd when it comes to technology. I love the stuff (don’t ever try to separate me from my Up Activity Tracker!) but I’m not young enough to know all the jargon — or to make things work the way I want them to. My kids frequently tease me when I ask them for help, as I do, not infrequently.

So when I find a new app that not only works but that’s really easy to use, I’m as happy as a six-year-old eating s’mores.

My latest find? Pocket. This is a rebranding of something that used to be called Read It Later. I’d never seen the first incarnation, so I can’t comment on the differences, but other reviewers favourably mention the clean appearance of the new design. Me? I just like what it does for me.

I scan the web daily and frequently run across a page I want to “save” and read more deeply later. The new app does this with the touch of a button. It will even save YouTube videos, I’m told, although that’s not something I generally do. Here’s what else I like about it: It allows me to apply key words to anything I save. Thus, it’s easy for me to find the articles/pages later.

Best of all, the app is free. It took me a couple of minutes to download and that was it. Easy peasy. If you don’t have a way of capturing web pages, you might want to give Pocket a try. It works in any web browser, iPhone or Android device.

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