Please help me choose a name for my new book

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I thought naming my triplets was tough, but coming up with the name for my new book has proven to be even more challenging…

My next book is in the final stages (throes?) of copy editing right now and I’ll be relieved to  be able to send it off to design very shortly.

There’s just one problem: I still haven’t settled on a name.

I do have three top contenders, however, and I’m hoping to get your advice.

Please go to the survey and vote for the title you like best. Lodging your vote should take you less than a minute.

The simple act of voting will put your name in a draw for a fr/ee copy of the book and, if selected in that draw, you will not only get a copy of the book when it’s published but you will also be invited to a webinar about the tips presented in the book, at no charge.

As you consider your vote, I ask you to keep a couple of points in mind:

The book is about what I have long called the crappy first draft. Indeed, Your Crappy First Draft was my original idea for a title — until a number of people told me they thought it was too negative and distasteful. On reflection, I agreed they had a valid point.

As you mull over the alternative titles I’ve developed, please ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which of these choices best conveys the idea that the book offers tips and techniques to help you write as quickly and easily as possible?
  • Which of these title choices would you be most happy to have on a book sitting on your desk where friends and colleagues could see it?
  • Which of these title choices — based on the title alone — would make you most curious and interested to learn more about the book?

Note that the book will not be available in bookstores or through Amazon. Once again, I’ll be selling it only through my website.

Deadline for voting is Friday, March 8/19. Watch for my newsletter/blog on March 12th, where I’ll announce the winning title and the book winner.

As the book release date nears later this year, I’ll be asking for more help. In the meantime, your input in selecting the title is extremely important. I value the wisdom of my readers and will be grateful if you can take 60 seconds to help me make this essential choice!


My video podcast last week aimed to help writers control their social media habits. Or, see the transcript, and consider subscribing to my YouTube channel. If you have a question about writing you’d like me to address, be sure to send it to me by email, Twitter or Skype and I’ll try to answer it in the podcast.


Please tell me more about which title you liked best! We can all learn from each other so, please, share your thoughts with my readers and me in the “comments” section below. Anyone who comments on today’s post (or any others) by Feb. 28/19 will be put in a draw for a copy of the bestselling novel Asymmetry by Lisa Halliday. Please, scroll down to the comments, directly underneath the “related posts” links, below. Note that you don’t have to join the commenting software to post. See here to learn how to post as a guest.

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