No one belongs here…

Reading time: Less than 1 minute

This is my weekly installment of “writing about writing,” in which I scan the world to find websites, books and articles to help other writers. Today I discuss a website produced by writer Miranda July…..

I’m guessing the name Miranda July (that’s her, pictured above) is a nom de plume. It’s too perfect, too memorable, too roll-of-the-tongue to be real. But the young American filmmaker and writer seems to have many perfect things about her.

She writes. She produces movies. She’s funny. She’s adorable-looking. Most recently, she’s produced the perfect book promotion website for her book of short stories, No One Belongs Here More Than You. I somehow missed this video when it first came out about eight years ago. But, if like me, you’re late to it, be sure to have a look now.

The promotional website — written on the top of a fridge and stove, yes, really! — is tremendously clever. It’s also funny. Have a look. It won’t take you more than two minutes to scroll through it. My favourite bits are the shots in which she colour-coordinates her clothing with the book jacket covers. I also liked her line:

The top of my refrigerator is missing some of the qualities of a real dry-erase board. 

She’s funny enough I think I’m going to look for her new novel, The First Bad Man. Will it be amusing? I don’t know. But she’s so creative, I’m sure it will be worth the reading.