Meals that were a lot like field rations…

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I like to share interesting pieces of figurative language I encounter in my reading. I write today about a simile from Laura Shapiro…

As you may have sensed from some of my previous blog entries, I’m a big believer in home cooking.

Thus, when I read a reference to the social history, Something from the Oven: Reinventing Dinner in 1950s America, by Laura Shapiro, I resolved to take her book out of the library.

She created one image that I enjoyed, in particular, when she described the food industry as working to…

persuade millions of American to develop a lasting taste for meals that were a lot like field rations.

I especially appreciated this figurative language because, to me, that’s exactly what most packaged food tastes like: something you’d have to eat during war (mainly because it’s fast, cheap and easy-to-transport.)

I also like the way Laura Shapiro demonstrates how a simple simile makes a persuasive argument even more powerful.

If you don’t cook and if you eat mainly take-out or packaged food, consider how much tastier (and less expensive) your meals could be if you were prepared to cook them at home.

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