He has a hay bale of hair on his head…

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I like to share interesting pieces of figurative language I encounter in my reading. Today’s comes from Johanna Schneller in the Globe & Mail.

I remember seeing a photo of Robert Redford about 10 years ago and being shocked by how much he’d aged. I was too young, then, to understand the inevitability of aging and how it unfairly targets some people more than others.  I call that the genetic lottery. And he appears to have had some bad plastic surgery. I call that the Hollywood “solution.”

I still admire his acting and respect his philanthropy, most especially his work in establishing the non-profit Sundance Institute. Thus, I read with interest a daily newspaper interview with him about his new movie The Company You Keep. 

Here is a sentence I particularly appreciated from that newspaper article by Johanna Schneller:

His face may look weathered, but his voice is still creamy as a cheesecake, he has a hay bale of hair on his head, and he knows how to charm a roomful of women.

The cheesecake simile is almost hackneyed but I like the way she compares the confection to a voice, not to a taste. That’s creative. And I very much like her reference of Redford’s hair to a hay bale. Apt, in both colour and volume. The poor man may have lots of wrinkles on his face but at least he has his hair.

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