How to improve Zoom calls – some slick tricks

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This is my weekly installment of “writing about writing,” in which I scan the world to find material to help other writers. Today I discuss some advice on how to improve Zoom calls…

Two-and-a-half years into the COVID pandemic (remember the early days of it?), are you still struggling with Zoom? Many people are and they tell me they still dread regular meetings with clients, bosses or coworkers. Sometimes, even with friends….

If you fall into the category of Reluctant Zoomers, tech educator Tessa Davies recently offered a series of hacks  on her Twitter account. You can see all seven of them here but my four favourite ones are:

1-How to turn off your camera and mic quickly:


• Cmd + Shft + V (Mac)

• Alt + V (Windows)


• Cmd + Shft + A (Mac)

• Alt + A (Windows)

2-How to adjust a room that’s too dark:

Zoom has an ‘adjust for low light’ option.


• Video settings

• Adjust for low light

• Manually adjust

3-How to show slides without making yourself invisible:


• Share screen

• Advanced

• Slides as virtual background

Adjust your position + size on screen in front of your slides.

4-How to suppress background noise in your own setting: 


• Audio setting

• Suppress background noise

• Adjust to the level needed

Instead of just complaining, learn how to improve Zoom calls — so they work better for you and for the people you’re meeting with.

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