How to improve your home office

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This is my weekly installment of “writing about writing,” in which I scan the world to find websites, books and articles to help other writers. Today I discuss a blog post about how to improve your home office setting…

Now that the pandemic has caused more of us to work from home, the concept of creating (or improving) our home offices has taken new urgency.

In my case, my home office has had to become my recording studio. Social distancing means I can’t have my videographer come to my house for filming. This means I must record myself at my office desk.

As a result, I now have an enormous light and a microphone taking up space (see photo, above). Last weekend I finally moved my printer so it was in front of (rather than behind) the light, meaning I didn’t have to risk toppling equipment every time I wanted to pick up a document I’d printed. What a relief!

The blog Freelancer Faqs, offers even more suggestions in a recent post running under the headline, “What Are the Best Small Home Office Ideas for Freelancers?

I found many of the phots and ideas to be rather beautiful, especially the first office built in a tiny corner of a London-based home. I’m assuming the skylight was already there — or they had pockets of dough to be able to afford installing one.

As I’m an aficionado of the treadmill desk, I also liked the concept of a floating desk — which you can self-install with wood and brackets. I’d just suggest installing two separate desks at two heights. I walk while I write but I find I can’t do that for eight hours a day. I tend to walk for 30 minutes and then sit for the next 30, going back and forth all day.

The post also offers a host of other useful ideas, including:

  • folders hanging on the wall
  • monitor risers
  • room curtain dividers

Read the whole piece and take whichever ideas will work best in your space.

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