How to edit collaboratively

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Today,  I tell you about a piece of technology that can help writers. It’s called Google docs and it’s 100% free of charge!

I knew it was possible to edit collaboratively even if the other people were halfway around the world. I just didn’t know which technology would help me do it.

Then I discovered it was Google Docs and I learned how to do it by watching this fantastically helpful video on Youtube. (The video is 15 minutes but if you’re not interested in learning how to share Excel documents, you can skip about five minutes of it.) If you EVER need to edit with people who aren’t in the same room as you, be sure to try this tool. It rocks!

I asked my 18-year-old daughter about it and, after rolling her eyes at me, she told me she’s been using it for school, all year. Then she helped me test it. Easy peasy.

Thanks to my reader and fellow blogger Rich Furman who introduced me to it with his post I heart Google Docs. I heart them, too!

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