Get away with just 1password

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Need help? Here I tell you about a piece of technology or software for writers. Today I focus on 1Password.

Do you ever feel as though you head is about to explode from having to deal with too many usernames and passwords? (Or, alternatively, do you try to use exactly the same user name and password for all sorts of entirely different pieces of software?)

No exploding heads in my office! And no security breaches either! Instead, I rely on one fantastic application that allows me to remember just ONE password. It then acts a “master key” that opens all the other software doors entirely securely.

Appropriately enough, it’s called 1Password. I’m neither a coder nor a security expert so I won’t pretend I fully understand how it works. If you’re interested in some of the slightly more pointy-headed discussion about the safety of 1Password, look here.

But I CAN tell you that it works for both Mac and PC users and that many people I trust, including a former webmaster, find it safe and useful. It’s also affordable, ranging in price from $49 for a single user to $69 for families. (I am not an affiliate so I earn no money if you decide to buy it.)

Don’t strain your brain trying to remember your passwords. Instead, use all your RAM for writing!

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