Could you use a digital recorder while you walk?

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Today I discuss how a small, easy to use digital recorder might be able to help your writing.

If you’re a writer, you need some way of recording your voice while you walk. I now use my iPhone, which makes recording delightfully easy, but I realize that’s an expensive choice. So, if the iPhone is out of your price range, consider doing what I used to do: buy yourself a small, inexpensive digital recorder.

I used such a device for about three years and found it invaluable. In fact, I was mad at myself for taking so long to find out that such recorders existed. And they’re cheap! I just did a quick search and found the device is still reasonably priced. You can get an Olympus for anywhere from $29 to $79 in the lower price range. (They also have more expensive models, of course.) Online, you can purchase digital recorders via Amazon. If you want to shop in person, check out Future Shop, Best Buy, or a Sony store.

I’m not receiving any affiliate fees for recommending this device, by the way. I just know how important it is to take notes when a great idea pops into your head — and, frankly, writing with a paper and pen is not easy when you’re trying to walk!

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