Flip sides of the same coin

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If you’re a corporate communicator, my new Friday blog topic is going to interest you. Its focus? Corporate communications….

I don’t have a team of merchant bankers in crisp white shirts and navy suits. Nevertheless, today is a merger day.

I’m bringing together my two websites: Publication Coach and Gray-Grant Communications. It’s highly likely that you didn’t even know Gray-Grant Communications existed but it’s earned the lion’s share of my income for the last 17 years.

As a corporate communications expert I write stories, websites and annual reports, edit publications for others, advise on crisis communications and generally manage content and reputations.

Gray-Grant Communications has had its own website but I’ve never had to do much promoting — the business has always more or less sold itsef. One satisfied client leads to another referral, which in turn results in another contract.

So, why am I joining the sites together now? It’s simple, really. My two businesses share so many similarities they are essentially flip sides of the same coin. On one side, I’m the communicator; on the other, I’m the teacher of communications.

I’ve been planning this merger for several months and you can even see the new masthead in the image above. Trouble is, my IT consultant has had a family crisis this week and hasn’t been able to finish the coding in the expected time frame.

But time waits for no person. So I’m going ahead with the content switch. In any case, it will make littler difference to Publication Coach readers. The only change you’ll notice is that, henceforth, my Friday blog entry will be devoted to corporate communications issues. Many of them will talk about writing and editing, so I don’t think you’ll find it the least bit disorienting.

Just as soon as the coding is complete, you’ll see a new masthead on the top of every page of my site. And watch for a brand new look early next year.

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