The calories of continuing education…

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When you’re training people make sure they have the basics — including enough food to make their brains work properly….

Does your company ever provide continuing education to employees? If so, congratulations! It helps employees become more productive and it makes them happier, feeling as though their company really cares about them.

As someone who delivers continuing education, let me give you one tip. Make sure your employees get enough calories during their training. Last year, I did a nine-hour workshop for a large, multi-national company. We started at 8 am and lunch was scheduled for 1 pm. Yes, five hours later! The time was carved in stone because the break needed to coincide with a video presentation from the CEO.

I heard the schedule and knew I had to do something. I went to a grocery store the day before and bought cheese, crackers, almonds and oranges. My students were amused by my “healthful” choices (I think perhaps they thought I was a bit eccentric!) but they ate them. And, more importantly, they managed to survive the five hours of learning before lunch.

People who are learning need to be well fed. Cookies don’t count! Make sure your students get some good protein. My “snacks” cost me only $15 and were an excellent investment in continuing education.


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