How BackBlaze stops me from awfulizing

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Here I tell you about a piece of technology that can help writers.

Do you have the habit of regularly backing up your computer files? No? Let me tell you about my system.

I am a backup freak. This isn’t because I’ve had a colossal failure — at least, not yet (knock on wood!) It’s more because I’m an awfulizer. I imagine the worst possible thing that could happen — for example, losing all my computer files ARGH!!! — and I seek to prevent the pain.

I have a Mac and someone recently asked me why I didn’t just use Time Machine. (This is the function that comes with all Macs allowing you to backup easily to a portable drive.) My answer? What if my portable drive were stolen? I told you I was an awfulizer!

For this reason I decided that backing up online made more sense for me. I settled on a company called Backblaze thanks to a recommendation from a friend. (It works for both Macs and PCs.) I’ve found the service to be inexpensive ($50/year) and the support excellent and friendly. If your hard drive is large, like mine, it can take a long while to create the initial backup. But after that, it backs up incrementally and it’s pretty fast.

I also like being able to fall asleep at night without wondering what would happen if my computer failed. Oh, and by the way, I’m not an affiliate and I pay for the service myself.

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