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Let Gray-Grant Communications take the dead out of your deadlines!

Do you have a story, a publication or an annual report that needs to be delivered to clients or stakeholders on time — but you don’t have the staff to do it?

Do you need a communications plan?

Is your company small and specialized enough that it contracts out most of its communications?

Or are you from a large company facing a crisis that requires some extra help?

Or perhaps you simply want to make your existing communications department even more productive and high performing?

Whatever your communications needs, Gray-Grant Communications can help. With more than 30 years’ experience as a writer, editor and communications consultant in Vancouver, Daphne Gray-Grant has faced a host of communications issues. As a former journalist, she has a thorough understanding of how reporters operate and what they need. Her more than 15 years as a business communicator have schooled her in the realities of the corporate world. And her many years of experience as a website creator, blogger, Facebook fan and Twitter user have also helped her understand the needs and opportunities of social media.

An experienced speaker, Daphne has also given speeches for the International Association of Business Communicators, the Canadian Association of Public Relations and Ragan Communications.

Let Gray-Grant Communications help you.
Contact Daphne today to discuss your training needs.

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