How to improve your writing

Do you frequently end up feeling ashamed of or dissatisfied with your words? Professional writers regularly have crises of confidence about their own abilities. But they also know that the only solution is to write more. Read below for some tips on how to improve your writing.

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Oh, the difference 8½ steps can make!

Even though your high school English teachers might have emphasized the importance of spelling and grammar, they probably didn’t give you any tips for how to manage your time or how to get beyond writer’s block.

Writing is like building a house. You have to put in the foundation first, before you start adding doors and windows. But if you don’t know the steps or don’t understand the order in which to approach them, you’re likely going to feel stuck before you even begin. Here are the key eight steps for writing (the book will reveal the final half step!)

  1. Make a plan
  2. Research
  3. Think and rethink
  4. Find your lede
  5. Write
  6. Let it incubate
  7. Revise
  8. Copy edit

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