How to find more time to write

Many people think they need to find more time to write. But it’s easier (and far more productive) to change your expectations. Instead of trying to clear a full hour in your schedule, spend just five to 15 minutes a day writing. These small but regular bits of time will make a huge difference. See more tips, below.

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Do you want to rethink your entire approach to writing?

Better than those reality TV shows focusing on home improvement, Extreme Writing Makeover will help you take a fresh look at your writing, from the ground up. You’ll receive an email every week — for an entire year — addressing (in order):

  • Preparing to write (18 lessons)
  • Writing (16 lessons)
  • Editing (18 lessons)

The step-by-step approach will help you re-think the way you put words on the page. There is a small amount of homework but it’s entirely self-directed so there’s no need to submit it for marking. Best of all, you’ll have the chance to meet with Daphne and other program participants once a month (excluding July and August) for a regular group webinar.

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