Get it done

  • Very useful and motivatingSomewhat useful and motivatingMeh — I’m a little bit disappointedNot working at all for me
  • Each weekFrom time to timeRarelyNot at all
  • It’s useful and interestingIt’s just okay — nothing specialIt’s generally not relevant to me
  • Yes – I want to get on the board so it helps me to write on days when I don’t feel like writingNo – I’m not interested in this type of motivation.
  • Most monthsRarely – I’m too busy or not interested or find it too time-consumingNever – the timing of session doesn’t work for me
  • Really useful – I try to never miss it!Takes too much time; I prefer to read the hidden post
  • Daphne’s presentations on a variety of topicsThe chance to hear from other members of the groupBoth of the above
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