The Publication Coach offers a range of products to meet the needs of corporate writers, copywriters, freelancers and book authors.

My Book

Do you need to learn to write faster, better? My practical, useful book has already helped thousands of people like you from all around the world. It gives you the tools to write quickly and without pain. The premium version comes with audio and additional support.

Get It Done!

Writing a book or a thesis and having difficulty? Long-form writing presents its own challenges and psychology but I’ve developed a three-month group to support you. Groups are offered three times yearly, starting in January, April and October. Application required.

Extreme Writing Makeover

Want even more support? My one-year course, delivered weekly by email, walks you through the steps of becoming a better, more confident writer. There’s even a monthly call where you can share your challenges and success with me and other writers in the program.

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