How to beat writer’s block

Writer’s block — the condition of being unable to think of what to write —usually stems from a fear of being judged. You envision bored or unhappy readers and you don’t want to write a single word. To avoid this dreaded disease, you need to learn to hold the world at bay. Read more, below.

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How to become a more self-reliant writer…

Do you feel discouraged by how slow and difficult it seems to write? Or perhaps you have an urgent need to improve your writing quickly. Maybe your boss is dissatisfied with your work or you’re facing an urgent deadline. Don’t despair! Daphne can help you quickly with valuable one-on-one coaching.

The coaching sessions will address whatever troubles you most, but here’s a list of topics that many writers find life-changing:

  • Using mindmapping to inspire your writing
  • Breaking the editing-on-the-go habit
  • Learning to leave your writing for at least a day (and maybe even six weeks) before editing
  • Getting your computer (and a half-dozen free apps) to become your assistant editor

The recommended package offers four hours of coaching. You can divide it into four one-hour sessions or eight 30-minute ones. Daphne’s schedule books up quickly so don’t delay if your need is urgent.

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