Try Textexpander (if you’re on a Mac)


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PC users, please don’t hate me! I’m afraid I have to tell you about an incredibly handy piece of software that’s available only to Mac users. Honest! This is not my fault!

The software is called TextExpander and it allows you to create abbreviations representing larger blocks of text. What does this mean? Simply type the abbreviation you’ve assigned and, voila, the larger block of text will appear in your document.

For example, I manage one of my daughter’s soccer teams. Each week I send out emails reminding the girls about the details of their upcoming game. Do I start from scratch each week? Certainly not! I type my abbreviation “;socc” and, ping!, a 125-word message suddenly appears. (I use XXXXs to mark the spots that will need to be changed each week.)

I’ve become so lazy that I even type “;myemail” and my email address appears. If my first name were Ann and my company name Words, perhaps I wouldn’t bother. But after awhile, Daphne and PublicationCoach just seem too damn long.

For home use, TextExpander is all of $35. A steal of a deal. Oh, I’m not an affiliate although I’m thinking of becoming one… Big thanks to my friend Colleen Wainwright for persuading me to get this gem.

Posted March 15th, 2012 in Miscellaneous

  • Googled it and you can get similar things for PCs. Example: Breevy. My dad has been using a similar tool on his PC (not sure which one) for years.


  • Daphne Gray-Grant

    Glad to hear there are similar options for PCs. I really encourage everyone to try this type of software. It saves a GREAT deal of time!