Brad would be a golden retriever…

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I like to share interesting pieces of figurative language I encounter in my reading. I write today about a metaphor from Irina Aleksander…

I’m not much interested in models. But something about the New York Times headline “The Jet Set Life of Karl Lagerfeld’s Favorite Male Model — for Now,” grabbed my attention. I read the Times on my cellphone, mostly when I’m waiting for a train to come home from downtown, where I work one day each week. Perhaps I was intrigued by the creepy, cadaver-like appearance of fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld? (What kind of model would he favour?) Or maybe it was the idea of a story-behind-a story promised by the cautionary “for now” coda.

The mysterious (to me) male model turned out to be Brad Kroenig. Not sure I’d ever noticed him before, but perhaps you have. (See photo, above.) Writer Irina Aleksander produced a mostly-interesting piece that had me scrolling through the ridiculously tiny type on my cellphone for many pages. And she has an eye for the telling metaphor. Here’s the best one she used:

If models were show dogs, Brad would be a golden retriever. He has a strong jaw, hazel eyes and thick blond hair that seems perpetually windswept. The scruff on his face is shaped carefully, deliberately, to draw attention to his cheekbones. 

Look carefully at the photo of him and I swear you’ll see the fur of a retriever emerging from behind his ears.

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